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Notable achievements include:


(1) Architect of the Defence Minister-approved business development blueprint committing over $20B of resource investments across 15 years.


(2) Lead four Army BSC development and implementation efforts, from the Army organisation-wide level down to the lowest business unit.


(3) Enhance the Army’s strategic resource management system of over $2B annual budget for a 300,000-person organization.


(4) Develop and implement both Corporate (SAP-based) and proprietary Military IT systems.


(5) Manage capital acquisition and development portfolio of over 50 projects worth over $1.5B, and an R&D portfolio of over 20 experiment projects worth over $10M.

Christopher Lo

Executive Director & Founder of iAdD - interactive Analytics & dashboarding

for Decisions

Chris is a lifelong student of cognition and specialises in the field of making better decisions easier and faster.  He does this by bringing data alive through interactive analytics and visual dashboards that allow for more accurate interpretation by the receiver (decision-maker) on the actionable insights derived from analysis. 


His business interests lie in the eGov (anchored on Smart Nation) and International Non-Profit Organisation (INPO) sectors, with long-term interests in the health and sports analytics domains.  Chris showcased his range of capabilities by winning the inaugural iDA Data Discovery Challenge in Feb 2015, and also the best use of data award in the NEA Clean and Green Hackathon in Jun 2015.


Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Chris Lo served Singapore as a full-time Army Officer for 23 years, and is a veteran of the multi-national coalition military reconstruction effort in Afghanistan in 2012. He educated, mentored and coached the next generation of military leaders on leadership and critical thinking for the military art in the SAF’s Premier Leadership Training Institute in his last appointment.


Chris has over 12 years of experience in corporate planning, business development, and strategic resource management. He specialises in strategy and strategic resource management, architecting and integrating complex decision support IT systems and warfighting combat systems, organizational change and leadership.


As a way of returning to the society, Chris also volunteers on the Board of several charities, namely Children’s Charity Association (CCA) and Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS), and co-leads the West Point Society of Singapore (WPSOS).  Chris is married and has two daughters.




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